Empowering Hotels with

Automated Phonecalls

Plainview is your new Reservations Agent

affordable, easy to use and 24/7 available

No need to outsource phonecalls to callcenters anymore.

Multi-Property Support

Running one hotel or a whole chain? No problem! Our Voice AI offers dedicated numbers for each property or a central number for all. It's flexible and scales with your needs.

Automated Bookings

We are integrated with your PMS and enter each Reservation instantly.

Multilingual Support

Available in both English and German, ensuring seamless communication with a diverse guest base.

Upselling Capabilities

Upselling Made Easy Boost revenue with our AI suggesting extras like breakfast, spa treatments, and late check-outs. More options for guests mean more value for you.


We send a link to the guest via sms to confirm his booking and pay for the room, you can think of it as a new kind of IBE.

We call it the PBE or Phone Booking Engine!

Exclusively on the: Apaleo Platform

Other Integrations Coming Soon


You can schedule a Meeting with us if you need more details.

Can the AI transfer Calls?

What if guests have questions during the booking process?

Can we integrate Plainview to our digital Check in?

How customizable is the AI for our specific needs?

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